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Fragments Geometry & Change #210
gouache on w/c paper

 Fragments Geometry & Change 



It is the idea behind the work that dictates the final image the viewer sees. When I create a piece of

work, I am not trying to tell the viewer what to think or what he is seeing, rather, I am creating a

place for the viewer to have his own experience, to see and to think his own thoughts. Perhaps, he

thinks of an experience that happened long ago in another time and another place, until now

forgotten. But in viewing my painting the memory springs to life in this unexpected moment. 


Through the use of geometry I break the picture plane into many small pieces, which is a metaphor

for my life experience, thought or memory. For me, nothing is ever experienced or remembered as a

whole, but instead in fragments. My work relates to Cubists and Futurists paintings – in which the

natural world is translated into a stark pictorial language of shapes, lines and angles. My intention is

the same as Malevich, who said that his was to use geometry to convey “the primacy of pure feeling

in creative art,” rather than the depiction of visual objects. 


From the beginning of the invention of abstraction, Geometric Abstraction has acted as a visual and

theoretical counterpoint tthe gestural paintings of Abstract Expressionism. To see a variety of

approaches to Geometric Abstraction, visit the website  

 The art of today is more deeply personal, more intimate, and more concerned with experiences of a subtle kind.  Annell Livingston