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 Today I look out on the mesa and I see lines; roads, and pathways, wildlife trails, lines
of wire strung on fences and telephone poles.  I look up and I see vapor trails,
 white against a clear blue sky.  On rocks, early man has scratched symbols;
 drawing is everywhere.  Drawing is a human activity which does not
 have to be learned; it can be thought of as a global
 visual language.

I kneel down and plunge my finger into warm sand; I pull my finger to myself, leaving a
trace upon the ground.  I am drawing, the earliest and most immediate form of image
making.  I create an authentic expression, closely allied with story telling.  It is
 part of what it means to be human and through drawing I never lose that
sense of wonder.
When I am in the act of drawing, I am able to seek, to attract, to convey, to drag, to elicit, to
evoke, to extract, to gather, to haul, to hook, to pick, to pluck, to pull, to tug,
 to wind in, to wrench, to yank, to follow, to explore, and to find the image
 I seek; to find the answer that is honest, pure, uncontaminated, direct,
 anti-monumental, and  one not necessarily described as “art”…
 an answer that expresses the imagination, creativity
  and perhaps skill; a personal narrative.
 An answer that is simple,
with nothing left to add and nothing left to take away.

Drawing has been regarded as simultaneously fundamental and peripheral, essential to
artistic practice and the most basic skill an artist can possess.  Drawing allows
 the artist to dream the endless dream making notes along the way.
 Drawing connects us to infinity and eternity; it is
 a map of time.

With this series of drawings, by limiting the materials to pencil and paper, I am  exploring
the question, “Can color be implied, when working with
 black and white, and shades of grey?”

I continue to work in series, and the images could be seen as pages of a diary or personal
journal, and like poetry, one idea dissolves into another and the series of work
becomes a sequence of new images; like each new day, forever changing.
 Because, the finished work is not preconceived and must be made
 visible before any judgment, I feel anticipation and excitement,
 and because this is my experience, there is the possibility
 the viewer will experience this at some
level and join into the
endless dream.

A form can be related to the material world.  Annell Livingston