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A Day in the Life #2941
gouache on paper

“A Day in the Life... is a series of work in which I am looking at the light of the day as metaphor for the life of an average human being.  As one day is part of the eternal cycle of night and day, there are many options for determining the quality of light with each passing hour.


In the high mountain desert of New Mexico, where I live, in the morning the sun rises above the mountains; often the sky is a s colorful as the sunset, only softer; orange, glorious, gold, pinks, even red.  Later, the sun is so bring the color is washed from the landscape, or a storm is threatening on the horizon and the colors are dark and rich.  The afternoon is flooded with beautiful low intensity colors; lavender and enumerable grays.  The sunsets, which can be beyond belief; gold, maroon, and violet, dazzling silver and emerald fawn.  Later, the day changes into night; blue, violet purple and deep greens.


The compositions are created based on square grids that are randomly broken with the diagonal line, creating squares, triangles and some unexpected shapes.  Each piece has its own dynamic force; action, movement or process.  Each is unique in composition and color response.  Each is true to the moment, new as never seen in exactly this way, neither forced nor contrived.


As in my previous series, Fragments, these works can be seen as pages of a diary or personal journal, and like poetry such as haiku, one idea dissolves into another, and the series of work becomes a sequence of new images; like each new day, forever changing.




The arrangement of accumulated forms, parts of a whole can obscure the single steps taken along an unknown path.  Annell Livingston