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Framents Four #111
gouache on w/c paper

 Fragments Series


The image is dictated by the idea behind the work.  “A concept of any importance seems to carry with it the responsibility of inventing methods for its actualization, and the energy to do so.”    __Anne Truitt


These works are a way to make visible my experience of the world –memory or thought -- which never seems to come to me as a whole, but rather comes in bits, or fragments.  This series suggests a different way of viewing the world.   The images are not meant to dictate what the viewer should think, but allows the viewer a place to think.


The compositions are created through the use of collage.  The shapes made of cut and pasted colored paper arranged in juxtaposition are meaningless, but serve important functions in the compositions.  Sometimes the shapes appear to be retreating; at other times, they are pushing, shoving, and vying for their own space. 


The collages once created are an inspiration for paintings of limitless possibilities, which allows for the simultaneous exploration, of the mysterious spaces of inside and outside, figuration and abstraction, past and present, two and three-dimensional space. 


In the finished work the viewer is confronted with a vision of the world that is literally constructed and interpreted from the physical context of my life.

Forms found on the plane can be like an armature, holding a distant space.  Annell Livingston